Sandjai Bhulai benoemd tot hoogleraar Business Analytics

The Executive Board has appointed Bhulai to the Chair of Business Analytics from of September 1st , 2016 at the Department Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences.

09/01/2016 | 2:44 PM

The main focus of Bhulai’s research is the mathematical process of transforming data into insights for better decision making. Data has become a valuable asset that can improve decision making significantly by embedding this information into the underlying mathematical models. This introduces new challenges and current models reappear with higher complexity leading to computational problems. Bhulai will develop new mathematical techniques to battle this curse, push the limits of existing techniques, and build new stochastic models for solving complex business problems.

Bhulai’s research is on the interface of mathematics, computer science, and operations management. He combines techniques from operations research, statistics, and artificial intelligence. The methods are applicable to a wide variety of business domains. Current ongoing projects include predictive human resource analytics, social media analytics, dynamic pricing, improving emergency services, and optimization of telecommunication systems. Bhulai will be teaching courses in business analytics, stochastic optimization, and predictive analytics for students as well as for business professionals. One of his goals is to connect business and academia through establishing multidisciplinary research and educational programmes.

Sandjai Bhulai (1976) studied “Mathematics” and “Business Mathematics and Informatics”, and obtained a PhD on Markov decision processes for the control of complex, high-dimensional systems. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories (USA) as NWO Talent Stipend fellow. Bhulai is co-founder of the Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics (, and co-founder of the postgraduate programme Business Analytics / Data Science. His passion for research is also reflected in his teaching for which he received the “Excellence in Teaching Award” for best lecturer of both the Faculty and the Vrije Universiteit in 2006/2007.