Bachelor programmes

There are many good reasons to study mathematics, and not everybody is attracted by the same aspects. If you love intricate logical arguments, puzzles, and powerful abstract constructions, if you seek intellectual challenge, if you are eager to explore and create beauty in a formalized context, then mathematics as a pure subject will appeal to you.

Master programmes

Mathematics is a modern science with deep roots, practised all around the globe. Students of mathematics get the opportunity to become part of this international endeavour to expand human knowledge.

PhD programme

The Department of Mathematics at the VU University Amsterdam has a high quality PhD programme. The programme includes some course work, seminars, colloquia and visits to relevant summer schools, but the focus is on training the student to become an independent researcher.

Postgraduate programme Business Analystics / Data Science

The Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics (ACBA) of the VU has created a postgraduate programme called ‘Business Analytics/ Data Science’. The postgraduate programme is based on the existing Business Administration and Business Analystics programmes already offered at the VU.

The student society STORM

STORM is the student association of the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Sciences.