Bachelor programmes

There are many good reasons to study mathematics, and not everybody is attracted by the same aspects. If you love intricate logical arguments, puzzles, and powerful abstract constructions, if you seek intellectual challenge, if you are eager to explore and create beauty in a formalized context, then mathematics as a pure subject will appeal to you. You may also wish to study mathematics for its applications to physics, biology or medicine, computer science, management or finance. In all of these subjects, mathematics plays a central role.

With a degree in mathematics, you have many professional options, the classical ones being banking and finance, consultancies, insurances, the software industry, management, and, of course, research and teaching. But even in areas that seem unrelated to mathematics, employers are often eager to hire mathematicians for their proven skills in abstract and logical thinking, their eagerness to solve problems, and their commitment. There are very few unemployed mathematicians.

The Department of mathematics offers two bachelor curricula in mathematics:

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