Partial differential equations, fall 2003, J. Hulshof

NB. Until further notice: Wednesday is my CWI day.

Credits: 6 ECTS

Examination: homework and oral exam

Hours: Tuesdays 14.45-17.30, Room R2.40 (first session 2-9-2001). This period is divided into 3 times 45 minutes. The first 45 will be used as an exercise class under the supervision of Jan Bouwe van den Berg. The first time there is no exercise class and we start at 14.45.

Topics: Sobolev spaces, weak solutions of linear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations, maximum principles, regularity theory, techniques for nonlinear equations. See overview.

Prerequisites: a general background in analysis and linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, an introductionary course in partial differential equations. Some functional analysis will also help.

The programme and assignments will be maintained here. As a special service there is also the following link with pictures of what was on the blackboard.

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Literature: Partial Differential Equations, Lawrence C. Evans, American Mathematical Society, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, ISBN: 0-8218-0772-2.

This course is part of the joint master programme for mathematics students at the VU and the UvA. The purpose of the course is to present a broad selection of techniques for several classes of partial differential equations. The course material is largely taken from Evans' recent book on PDE's, which is also used at the UvA for a more introductionary course in PDE's, see this page. The overlap with and dependence on that course will be minimal. For this course the relevant chapters of the book are Chapters 5 to 9. We may also borrow from lecture notes which I collected over the years, as well as from other lecture notes.