This is NOT the home page for the national master course Functional Analysis in the Fall of 2004.

Functional Analysis, spring 2004, J. Hulshof

NB. Until further notice: Wednesday is my CWI day.

Credits: 6 ECTS

Examination: homework and oral exam. The homework can be mailed directly to Guit Jan Ridderbos,
mailbox in the staff room, who will grade it.

Hours: Tuesdays, 9.45-12.30 (R2.40), Fridays 14.45-17.30 (R2.31).
Each session is divided into 3 times 45 minutes.
The first 45 will be used as an exercise class under the supervision of Vincent Guyonne.
The first session (30-3-2004) there is no exercise class and we start at 9.45.

What is functional analysis?

Prerequisites: a general background in analysis and linear algebra.

The programme and assignments will be maintained here.
As a special service here there will also be pictures of what was on the blackboard.

Literature: Principles of Functional Analysis, Martin Schechter,
American Mathematical Society, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, ISBN: 0-8218-2895-9,
available from STORM.
We may also borrow from old hand outs.